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Cool idea and will see how it develops. I’m here:

Correctness Proof of GLWE-based Encryption

While reading a GLWE-based encryption described in section 3.1 of BGV12. The paper says that correctness is obvious and it only became obvious to me after a bit. This should cover most of the proof outline.

Proof: We have to show that the dot product of and reduces to the message. Let , , and be the th element in , , and respectively. We will zoom in the construction of as a start. Remember that it’s defined as . I will notate to be the element of the matrix .

We have . + =

Now performing the dot product we get: Note that in we can neglect to compute our message since it’s . For any we have the term to be equal to the inner summation module 2. Thus, we will be left with .

Actually blogging - looking ahead

It’s almost decided, I will be going to KAUST for a masters in CS. Not quite sure what research will I be doing but I’m hoping it will be exciting. I imagine that the masters will take about three semester or two semesters and a summer. But I have goals, yay:

  1. Finish masters on time.
  2. Do fun research/work on the side.
  3. Investigate potential for interesting work that could be done in Saudi, I would ideally prefer to contribute to the country but that’s very contingent on whether there is a meaningful enough way to do so. I don’t want to look too far ahead in the future but if you (or someone you know) are doing something interesting there, then please let me know :D

In order to achieve goal 3, it appears that increased online presence is essential especially through Twitter. I spent the last two days reading about the reasons people follow Twitter accounts and it seems that I have to build a persona that’s cool, informative, and “human”. Not that I know what any of that means but I will be aggressive on that front and hopefully get to know a few people through the process. Maybe that will eventually incentivize me to do more blogging as well.

I don’t understand the whole genre of sharing, but I’m working on it. Should make me more “human”.

Hello World!

This is an attempt to finally make a website and keep some sort of blog. Let’s see how this goes.